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Players dropping like flies?


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Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a mass exodus of players in their respective fellowships, neighbourhoods, etc? Both here and on live servers.

In a short space of time I've seen an unusually large number of members of my respective fellowships either quit the game completely, or significantly cut down on the amount of cities they have. These are often long term players who have been here for years, and built their cities to very high levels. Of those that announce what they're doing and why, the common thread is that this game is much less fun for them than it used to be, or it suddenly takes up a lot more time than it used to, much more than they are willing to allocate to the game. Many have independently said it now feels like a chore. The reasons for this are often cited as the rapid fire events, and the new format of needing upgraded manufactories/workshops to complete quests, which makes quests much more time consuming and/or creates significant restrictions in how they can play they game.

In my fellowship on the live servers I've suddenly had a quarter of the members go inactive at the same time. I don't think that's a coincidence. I've been running that fellowship for about 2 years now, and losing one or two players here and there is fairly normal, and occasionally people are away for a bit without letting me know in advance, but this many at the same time is unheard of. I run a semi-casual fellowship, so it consists almost entirely of people who are active daily, but are not interested in sitting on the game all day every day. They have lives, and families, and other interests and commitments, as do I. If the game is effectively pressuring them to put in a lot more time than usual then there's only so much they're willing to do before they are forced to choose between the two. It doesn't help that the perception of the devs is that they're not listening to players, and these issues are how things are intended to be, so won't be fixed despite all the complaints. So it's not a temporary pain that people can ride out, it's a permanent feature that they have to work with from now on.

The overall result is I'm losing a lot fellowship members, neighbours, and friends, all in a very short space of time. Just wondering if many other people are having similar experiences?


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beta and dutch server feels normal aswell. People have been dropping their 2nd 3rd 4th, etc account tho. But honestly they only had those accounts because Elvenar is a waiting game and it gave them something to do. With current event rate theres almost always soemthing to do, so multiple accounts are getting too much and ideed starts feeling like a chore if you have many accounts.


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@UlyssesBlue I think you're right. The game isn't as much fun anymore than it used to be. I've already given up on my Beta account. For me the problem there was the mana/seeds/sentient goods that you need to collect as much as possible to avoid losing too much due to decay. It became too much of a chore, checking in every 3 hours with not much else to do then harvest; kind of a rinse and repeat thing really.

On live I've decided to play solo, because I couldn't stand the FSA anymore. But the new chapter is quit boring, not much of a big exciting challenge, but more a question of perseverance. Not much fun, just mandatory checking in, harvesting, and logging out again.

Events are not much fun anymore either. I used to love the long events, but with the new format and especially the emphasis on the evolving building, and no longer on the daily awards, the thrill is gone ....


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I only play on the Dutch server and Beta and we saw one of the long time players stop playing on both a while ago, although he was not in my FS. We have had people announcing that they are "taking a break" and my feeling is that the next step is probably stopping altogether. There is a lack of excitement about the game that cannot be denied. Some people on live did not even start the Halloween event because they deem the building not worthwhile. I used to love the events and looked forward to each one and now, not so much. The question is whether only developing a city is enough to keep one engaged and my feeling is probably not. With the very, very slow pace of the last chapter, boredom quickly becomes an issue and who wants to be bored playing a game?


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There is a significant pull back from players on US servers, who used to find the game alluring. Players are calling Elvenar, "Tedious" and "A chore to play". This has resulted in many players choosing to reduce the number of servers they play on, to a single main account. Elvenar events have less of a draw to complete or even start them now. The monotony of the game is felt more strongly in all areas of Elvenar. There is also an outrage in the community for the "pay to win" turn the game has undertaken, so many have also decided to stop spending as well. Less activity helps prevent feeling the urge to spend diamonds, allows you to sign in and out briefly and return to other avenues of life that are more enjoyable than a frustrating game. I know I might try learning to crochet in the dark, upside down, before starting Chapter 15....

Sir Squirrel

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I have lost 4 or 5 players in last couple months on live as well. Most were because they are dropping their extra accounts. It seems there are less newer players joining as well (this is on Arendyll to so that may be part of the problem). It is getting really hard to recruit and keep the FS at full for the last 6 month. I think some of it is the constant changing of events and what seems a lack of caring and communication from INNO. I tried to suggest a change that would help with player retention by asking them to give some compensation for players when a change or bug cost players resources, but I got the response that it wasn't in line with how they want to run the game. So that really just reinforces the fact that they could care less about trying to keep players happy! They still haven't really fixed the problem of dead cities everywhere, which I think is not helping either. They seem to only half fix things and think that is good enough! I myself have almost had enough, if I wasn't the Archmage on live, I would have quit this game a long while ago! It is sad to see a game I used to love playing spiral down into oblivion!
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