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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deleted member 1508, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Hello guys, I have see this on my MA on my iPad with the version 1.75


    it is in "crafting" for have more "spells fragments"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    with a "PET FOOD" and a building you can have 60 fragments more ...

    Somebody knows what is it ? thank's
  2. Karvest

    Karvest Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2017
    new spell, you will see details with easter event announce.
  3. OK thank's a lot :) :)
  4. Karvest

    Karvest Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2017
    Oh, it changed a lot today. That was a good idea not to disclose early development stages info.:p
  5. Some news about this thing on mobile ? thanks ...
  6. Karvest

    Karvest Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2017
    they just hide it there until easter event.
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  7. Thank you

    but I would have liked the response of a moderator ... I sometimes wonder what is the purpose of this forum
    and why there is never anyone who answers the questions that we ask ..
    there is one thing that has been out for 15 days that no one is talking about ...

    in these cases it should not be implanted on mobiles ... Moreover is there on this forum a sub-forum for smartphones and tablets?
  8. iDavis

    iDavis Well-Known Member

    Mar 11, 2015
    @Biloutte91 moderators are not obligated to answer such a new content related questions, on the contrary, they have to keep their knowledge secret.
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  9. Oh ? what are they for ? Nothing ?

    that's what I said this forum is useless ... besides there is never anyone online

    Good bye ... you will not see me here anymore ...
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  10. CiraKelley

    CiraKelley Well-Known Member

    Mar 16, 2018
    On the EN Release Notes set to roll out tomorrow, it's states that the enchantment was unintended and getting removed. I'm sure the Forum Mod can't answer unreleased information. We'll know more when when it's ready to be introduced, I'm sure. :)

    Mod's are volunteers who are here to help the community. I see the Forum Mod on all the time.
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  11. Ainor

    Ainor Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2016
    I have got this today
    tooltip said: Pet Food Tasty food for you pet. Activate a temporary effect. You can craft it at the magic Academy.
    But.. what is it for? Is an enchantement? does not look like a building..
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
  12. no explication... no news ... neither by the developers, nor by the staff and ask for it with that ^^

    last post for me ...
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2019
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  13. Karvest

    Karvest Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2017
    sad, another 9 recipes that would slowdown BP=>RR conversion...
    But probably that was the only way for Pet food to be not limited to specific relics.
    From the other side - it would also need relics for catalysts anyway, so double bad decision...
  14. Dony

    Dony King of Bugs

    May 5, 2016
    you got answer yesterday, if you cant cope with it, you should have left this forums already
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  15. Dony

    Dony King of Bugs

    May 5, 2016
    moderators are not here to answer every question which is asked
    purpose of this forum is to collect feedback and process bug reports
    it wasnt out, it was an unintended bug, if it was out, you would have read announcement about it
  16. Heymrdiedier

    Heymrdiedier Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2016
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  17. Soleil

    Soleil Guest

    @Biloutte91 don’t leave over this, think of it as you got a sneak peek at something new coming to the game much earlier than some of us. My sneak peek didn’t come until today. But because of you, I had something to look forward to. That’s pretty cool. An event is probably starting soon and we’re getting a relics trader :D I’ve got 20 Gem relics to trade.
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  18. J'écris en français parce que j'en ai ras-le-bol et encore je suis poli !!!!!!!!!!!! je suis entrain d'en fabriquer une, de nouvelle recette ...

    ça aurait fait mal à quelqu'un d'expliquer ce que c'est que cette nouveauté ????? non je ne crois pas
    mais comme d'habitude chez INNO (et surtout chez Elvenar !!!!!!! ) la communication est NULLE !!!!!!!
    comme d'habitude la "nouvelle" va arriver dans 15 jours alors que ce truc est sorti aujourd'hui !!!!!!!


    in english

    I write in French because I'm fed up and still keep cool !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to make one, new recipe ...
    it would have hurt someone to explain what is this novelty ?????
    No, I do not think so but as usual at INNO (and especially at Elvenar !!!!!!!) communication is NULL !!!!!!!
    as usual the "new" will arrive in 15 days while this thing is out today !!!!!!!
  19. iDavis

    iDavis Well-Known Member

    Mar 11, 2015
    @Biloutte91 your scene is quiet surprising, especially after several explanations of how situation works. Pet food is a part of something bigger, that was not released yet, that's why we still do not have official information.
  20. Lovec Krys

    Lovec Krys Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    Well I wouldn't be too bothered with this. Considering that it is another thing requiring catalysts, there's basically no chance for me to craft it without significant spell creation speed up.