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Other [Other] We need a place to get all our technical info for bug reports

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Implement a button ingame which directly copies all necessary bug report template data (like in FOE).

it is necessary for players experiencing issues to report them together with their H/W and S/W configuration,
it would be nice to have somewhere in-game a list of parameters that one could easily copy and paste into the forum or the support ticket;

hint : there is such a function in FoE, where going to the settings, then to the "about" tab, shows a summary of H/W and S/W configuration as detected by the game, together with a "copy" button.

Will make it easier for players to directly have all necessary data available when reporting bugs. This in turn will expedite the bug report process (for we won't have to keep asking for information) and could result in a higher number of bug reports as well (less tiresome, so more attractive to report something).

Possible downsides
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I know what you mean and this function in FoE is indeed very nice


Purple Rain

I don't play FoE but it should not be too onerous to borrow their code and stitch it into this game as it seems to be a useful function, particularly for testers.



This seems like a no brainer to me. It benefits Inno greatly. As long as it is optional for anyone who wouldn't want to give this info away for whatever reason.