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Implemented [Other] Make event buildings give mana


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To get space for S&D I deleted all of previously earned event buildings, even though they were better in terms of culture per square.
If there isn't any mana cultural building in the Phoenix event I will not be motivated to participate very actively.


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What about players who have not reached a point where mana is useful?
those wouldn't be in chapter 8?

I dont mind them not giving money, if they give more culture then a normal equivalent. ME personally was also gonna place the magic mazes even tho the dont produce mana


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With the ridiculous and ever-increasing demands for mana in the tech tree from Woodelves onwards, there's basically no point in placing a non-mana-producing culture building.


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I have some fellows who have almost only event buildings for culture in their city, and I wondered some time ago already how they would manage when they get to woodelves;
when I reached this chapter, I simply replaced my ponds of recreation with weeping willows, and got enough culture and plenty of mana;
but many of these event buildings are mixed pop/culture, so it might not be that easy to delete them to make room for mana-producing buildings ...
so mana-producing event buildings might be an answer to at least a part of the problem