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Implemented [Other] Login screen


Now that some of us have more than one world to play on, could we have a common login screen offering us a choice of worlds we have played in.

Failing that, could we have some indication on the login screens as to which server we are on?


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I've changed the prefix of this thread to "Other", as all forum-related ideas have that prefix.

For the second idea: Currently, the only indication of the language version is given in the URL (e.g. https://beta.elvenar.com or https://us.elvenar.com) and in the information bar at the top of the screen:

Would it be preferable to have more indications of the language version on the homepage? :)

For the first idea: I'm curious to find out if many players would like to see a main home page that shows all the worlds (in different langauge versions) you're playing in.

Edit: There is another possibility to find all the servers you're playing at. On the Innogames website (click), you can register with the e-mail address you've used to register on the language versions. Once you're registered to the Innogames website, you can click on the "My Games" tab and get an overview of your games. It doesn't show the worlds per server though; if you only play on one world per language version, you'll immediatelly log in, but if you play on multiple worlds per language version, you'll be directed to the main page of that server.
In the screenshot below, you'll see how this Innogames website looks like. This e-mail address is only used for Elvenar Beta registration. If you're registrated for more language versions or games, there will be more buttons displayed next to the Elvenar Beta one. :)
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And once you select a particular domain, you'll be offered a choice of worlds WITHIN that domain, where you have already played, plus an opportunity to join the most recent world or one of the other worlds that you have not visited.

Last time I checked my watch, Elvenar only had a single world in the beta domain, and a single world in the US domain.