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Cannot reproduce Offer icon [ipad]


Well-Known Member
There seems to be an offer of some kind, clicking the icon on ipad doesn’t open it - the offer screen just flashes open for a second, too quick to see what it is.
updated to the latest game version, still doesn’t work.


Well-Known Member
That's discount on premium residences and workshops. Same as on live server. But there click links to announce which is missing here. (probably should go to buildings menu instead)


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Unfortunately after trying on several devices we have not been able to reproduce this issue. Should it happen again, please let us know, including more details.


Well-Known Member
Oops! Sorry.
It started working the afternoon of the same day - i thought that somebody had reported it earlier elsewhere and it had been fixed in update/maintenance, so didn’t post the all clear.