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Not able to connect


Well-Known Member
Is anyone else experiencing this issue on the beta site? I can get in on all live servers, but can't connect at all to beta.


Well-Known Member
Someone else in my FS has this issue frequently. I've heard that mobile still works for her when the browser does not.


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Is it possible that you (and Arayla's fellow) is loading beta in html5 version?
You should be able to see the html5 icon in the loading screen.
Sometimes it can happen that he html5 version takes (very) long to load, just hang on a little longer should do it.


Well-Known Member
Actually it was going on for hours - no connection and yes, I do have html5 active. I finally got in though. I logged completely out, refreshed, cleared cache and that let me in. So thanks to everyone, but I found a way!