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No Spire scheduled for tomorrow.


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And INNO feels no need to directly resond to anyone who posts here because they have the community Managers and Moderators to take the blame.I've been playing since 2015 when the browser version first came out. The DEV teams performance over the past year has been horrible, terible, and completely uncalled for! Ever hear of ALPHA testing? I am a programmer, I devolp software for phamacies and hospitals. If I made mistakes on the level that INNO has done over the last year people may have died! Or perhaps INNo should stop pouring their resources into Rise of Cultures (basically just a reskin of 202s Forge of Empires) and concentrate on the games people are actually playing. They already severely crashed Rise of Culrures several times!!!


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To my opinion, the responses here to a missing Spire are way over the top.
As if the end of the world is near, or at least the Elvenar world.

Anywhere people work, they make mistake, forget things.
To forget to scedule a weekly thingy is just a mistake, nothing more, nothing less.

So, in stead of playing the Spire, read a book, see a film. Anything is better than moaning about a missing Spire in the forums.

A rather condescending remark, even though your point about it not being the end of the world is well taken. anyone playing on Beta should expect issues since that is the major reason Beta is there.

But people forget things? I for one do not believe the Spire is started manually by the Devs, especially not since it starts on Sunday and the Dev team doesn't work the weekends. So it is not 'something that someone forgot' but something that was changed in the code in a bit careless manner.

And yes, mistakes are made. However, one could at least expect an apology or at the very least a bit of communication from Inno saying something like 'hey sorry, we screwed up, such and so is what is going on'

I mean, in most places where one adversely affects thousends of customers one can expect the company to give some kind of reaction in a timely manner.

Letting your customers / testplayers completely in the dark is not a good practice. Even if it doesn't mean lots of players outright leaving you will likely see more players to stop spending money on the game since the company at least doesn't seem to be too interested in keeping their players happy.

Deleted User - 101740

I bet they will not even think to compensate us for the loss, but I say it here out loud: I want my 275 diamonds and the 40000 Perk XP!!!!
You should know how Inno do things by now, Alcaro.

If a bug causes you to experience a loss they won't compensate because... beta,

but if a bug causes you to experience an advantage they'll remove it because it's "unfair"

Deadeye Jerry

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I am really sorry for the Spire but guys as you noticed the timing of the Spire and the tournament was a bit off the previous week, this time the Spire was supposed to start by itself but sadly it did not trigger.


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View attachment 11435
Just to show that no one is really using the pre-test server anymore, as the German Community Manager states. I'm sure there are still some dedicated moderators (especially here on Beta) trying to get developers to take zz2 seriously, for the sake of the players here on Beta.
Note how the spire is working there but not here on zz1. I bet it's because they don't pay attention to zz2 so updates don't happen for anyone to test. It's crazy!
Absolutely no disrespect to the current CM here, as none of this is your fault and this was all thrown in your lap, but when we had Marindor, he was known for his constant poking to the inhouse team/developers to get bugs fixed as quickly as possible. He and his team also kept us updated frequently.
Now with layoffs and staff changes, there isn't anyone around.

View attachment 11436
I doubt there is an emergency system in place now, with no staff available anymore.

Dear Elvenar moderator staff,
I would just like to give a little clarification to this post above, as it seems to have highly offended the person I took the screen shots from (see response below).
For this, I apologize for the miscommunication as there was no intent to put the 'Beta mod team against the German mod team' in the slightest. Rather, it was to show a little more clarification to any players who don't read the German forum to see that there is in fact a zz2, test server (as well as dev test servers, most likely).
I even stated that I'm sure there are dedicated moderators here on Beta and elsewhere who would love for zz2 to run exactly as zz1 (as it is suppose to), so they can find these issues before they even come to Beta.
That is part of a developers job, to keep all servers running in sync. That's just fact. Not an insult and doesn't have any nefarious intent.
Developers are not doing their jobs adequately in this game lately.
Maybe because they are short staffed; we as players, do not know or understand why this is happening. All we know is that we are being affected more often in Beta and on the live servers. That causes frustration and confusion, as I'm sure you can understand and hopefully sympathize with.

There was zero intent to to poke blame at any moderation team, whatsoever. Please do understand that our frustrations lately here on Beta are in no way directed towards the moderation staff. I feel like we have to say this a lot lately.

There is intent to bring forth attention to how careless the development/in house employees/INNOGame management have become towards the job they are in charge of maintaining.

As far as the "emergency service" not being activated or implemented, again, this is not to blame the CM here at all. Clearly the devs do not believe this bug to be an emergency or are so short staffed with recent lay offs that there is no one around to help. But how would we know as players since no one is telling us?
Hello, I want to remind you that this is beta and unfortunately, we do have an issue right now, zz1 and zz2 are 2 different servers and the issues for both are different.
Again for the sake of full clarity, we understand that zz1 (for Beta players) and zz2 (for moderators and staff) are separate servers. It has been explained in the past as well that zz2 is for testing new features, updates and anything else needed.
The point is that zz2 is obviously not in sync with zz1 as it should be (the spire is working on zz2).

Anyway, please understand as a moderation team what is happening. Due to the ever-constant critical bugs happening lately, and the neglect and lack of communication from the developers or whoever, it has caused a great amount of tension as I've stated in this thread already. Please don't begrudge the players. We do not need defensive or dismissive responses from anyone within the Elvenar Team. Stick with us please. You are the thread that holds it all together.

Thank you for all that you do and again I apologize for causing such a stir... but I only think it's fair to be transparent and more open about how Beta/moderation/testing/communications/etc. happen and what is going wrong so that we can all be on the same page without needing to fight, assume or argue with one another, as none of this is the players or moderators fault.
Take care. ❤

Amy Steele

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Elvenar Team
@Deadeye Jerry @Amy Steele I found this while I was uploading the game.
I'm in chapter 17, where can I find this "spire of eternity"?
It mysteriously appears from the mists in the valley, then just as mysteriously disappears. Where does it go? No-one knows! Will it return one day? We certainly hope so! For now, it has once more reappeared and all is good


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Inno should definitely change something in their new scheduler. Even game code has countdown timer with 3 days overhead, but it can't see upcoming events until there are only 2 days left. This makes preparation for FA extremely annoying.
What wrong will happen if new events will appear in game scheduled list a week in advance? OR at least 4 days in advance?
That will leave some time for us to find issues with schedule like the one in this thread and correct it in time, without waiting for the end of holidays or whatever.