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Next chapter in 101 days?


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who said there'd be a next chapter?
I've read that there would be no more new guest races
Isn't that true?


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To bothered to search for it, but even ignoring that, then look at the evidence.

  1. The only thing they confirmed this was the last guest race, they emphasised on "guest" The story arc tells you to become elvenar and to do that you have to embrace your human/elf counterpart (smart move as this reduces workload since you do no longer need to maintain a human and an elven side)
  2. There is still an active dev team, the former lead designer left. but the team wasn't disbanded.
  3. They stretched the combat units 3 star development over the constructs chapter. so the basic game mechanics arent finished.
This is enough evidence that another chapter is coming, the great question is how they wil do it. and in what timeframe.
I would really love to see somekind of Anno 1404 synergy where you might have a second city of the opposith race influencing eachother as the orient and the occident did in anno 1404. that would create some really cool new game mechanics
And works around the mayor issue of city size vs memory limitations.


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so far that would make no sense story wise. the whole past 14 chapters are a road to reclaiming your heritage.
The last chapter explained that once the humans and elves were one race, named "The Elvenar".
After there encounter with the Amuni there race was devastated, divided about the road to take some elvenar went one "cultural" way and became the humans, the other group went the other "cultural" wat and over time became the elves.

As the constructs pointed out, each of them is now missing a vital part the "other race" has. and the only way to truly become the elvenar is if you are willing to embrace eachother.

The next chapter(s) will be about becomming the elvenar, which mean embracing the other race and together become one again.

Thats also the reason why there will be no "new guest race" anymore. as the next storyarc will be about your (re)evolution into the elvenar.


Okay so humans and elves become the Elvenar, sounds like wow writing, but at least wow had seed races and didn't try to combine two vastly different races together. And then we'll get another permanent race? or is the game done after chapter 15?

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