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new units


If you choose auto fight in a province, shouldn't the AI choose the best moves with the best
troops against your enemy? I have seen them walk my guys forward and then back and
then forward again, without even striking at the enemy. Something is not working right.
And yes, the new fairy and dryad and Orc monster are practically useless against anything.


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I can give you a lot of reasons, bad terrain might be an option,
low initiative might also be the reason,
but i mainly think its because of the low range of the sorceress, combined with the strikeback of the paladin (wich usually is in range now from sorceress to do so) . Do the same fight with priests, or even blossom mages and youll see a completly different reesult.
Second reason i think is the because you are facing 8 enemy troops, wich means not only do they get more strikebacks ands debuffs, there are also more units to kill then if there were only 5 troops.

Since defense of an enemy can be nullified (or close too) its not longer about choosing the right setup. its about having the first strike and long range. thats why umans are doing so good right now, theur priests and mortars rock after last combat change


an absolute rubbish, just tried it agtain. fail ALL THE WAY, so thanks for nothing!


tried again with an upgraded squad size, still doesn't work. I guess we are now confided to fight you lame and boring tournaments that's all. btw, have your tournaments, an absolute bore, I don't care about the rewards, its just boring, and to get a decent reward like a rune u need to do how many battles?? so am just going to limit myself to upgrading the city, I guess is what you want from us anyway. the rest is disabled for us to play. you have ruined it completely. and no more expantions of cause, no more rune shards. wow, this is sooo exciting.


Dito. First 3 rounds are feasible on auto, after that it's over. Even when you try manually it almost impossible, especially when you have to use a handicap bud sorceress. :(


The tournaments are not boring, they are just too long. If you want a good position in a ladder, you have to fight through 10-13 provincies, which means up to 624 fights. And yes, that can get boring, especially if you have to fight 1/2 of them manually. The only cure would be rising the difficulty faster while doing less fights per province. But it's not gonna happen. First, the system is balanced out for current difficulty and number of fights. Secon, people would lose their minds over rising difficulty.