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New to Beta, old in other 2 servers


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Hi, this is Alcie/ Alcaro

I am a very very new player on this server, but I have a lot of experience with this game. In en2. I started to play 10 months ago and now I am in S&D and in en1. I started 9 months ago and I am in Woodelves.
I (will) have as boosted Planks/ Silk/ Gems. When I will grow up I will have only boosted manuf.
For now, I know my city is not interesting at all especially with FA but in the future, if you think you will want in your FS a crazy daily player, good trader, participating in tournies and all events, don't overlook me. :)
What I'm looking for is a balanced FS (manuf. goods) with guildies who enjoy trading and act like a whole.
As you probably noticed, I am a chatty person and I would love to find a chatty FS.

Waiting for your reply ;)
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I am still looking for an active Fellowship.
I am a daily player, tournament player and I just want to find a place where the fellows are playing like me. In less than 3 weeks I got 6700 ranking points. In tournament I scored 1350 points (not bad for a 2 weeks old city, huh?)
Please, if your FS is laid back and playing only few days/week and not very fond of tournaments, please, don't ask me to join you. It's frustrating for me and eventually I will leave, but my goal isn't to change the FS every month.
Ah, and not the last - I really neeeeeed a comunicative Fellowship! Call me crazy, but this is who I am - a chatty person ;)

Here are my stats in the last tournament:
(if I could just add an image would be great :confused: )
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