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New Player: YossarianIII


New Member
Hey guys and girls:)

I saw that many of you introduced themselves here, so I have said to myself, that I will give it a shoot.

My game name is YossarianIII, and I am from The Czech republic.
I am not a browser-type of a gamer. Actually I have found Elvenar while I was browsing on the internet:)
And I have started to really like it ( I know,that we are in beta stage of the game, but fingers crossed,that its population and popularity will only rise and we will see some good gameplay features added later in the game):).

I hope you will find me as a good human neighbor and I wish you a good luck in the game.:);)

PS:Sorry for my english:)


Hello YoassarianIII and welcome to Elvenar! :)
I'm playing since February and I find the game amazing too.
Have a nice day and enjoye the game!


Hello and welcome

I'm playing Elvenar as an Elf since second week of March this year and I like it very much, too.

Hope you'll have lots of fun and enjoy this beautiful world :)


Well-Known Member
Hi YossarianIII and welcome :)
i'm almost your neghbor, i'm from Serbia :)
and don't worry for good english, we will menage somehow ;)
i learn in school russian language, but i learn english by myself (selfteaching someone say me, i don't know right word), but i speak better than write, and i try to do my best :)


Day by day, I appreciate very much that in this game, and especially in this forum, there so many friendly and polite persons: it's not so usual, believe me! ;)
Compliments to all of you!
Alessandro :)