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New Player Looking for Fellowship

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I am a new player to Beta, I just started on December 29th 2016, but I am an active player in other servers. I only do Boosted Goods Production. My Boosts are Marble (unlocked), Crystal and Gems (both locked).
I am a daily player of 2 to 3 times per day, and when I have goods, I post 2 or 3 star trades.

Looking for a very active fellowship that follows Boosted Goods and Neighborly Help.


I hope you found a place?
Otherwise I have one for you!


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I am on my 4th fellowship and they all so far have been 20 plus players and am lucky to have 4 to 6 active players.

So tell me about your fellowship, how many members haw many active, do they help with trades and neighborly help.

I also come from the US Server K- world
I don't have a place right now!

But if you join our Facebook group, I am pretty sure to find a fellowship for you there!
We have 2600 members, and growing!