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[New Features] List of players who've given NH in last week

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Add an ingame list of all players that have given you NH in the last week.

Could we get an in-game list of all the players who have given our cities neighbourly help within the last week?

It could look a bit like the fellowship members list, and would automatically update, and would be separate to the notifications window. It could allow us to quickly and easily click through all the visits one after another, just as we already do with our fellows.

It would make neighbourly help much easier than going through the notifications or the map, (although they would still be an option if we wanted to use them). The benefit of a dedicated list rather than using the notifications list is that it wouldn't have duplicate entries when people visit multiple times recently, or get flooded with trade notifications, or have people pushed off the list just because they skipped a day, or we have lots of trades accepted.

Possible downsides
It might work confusing to see players who you can't help back due to not having discovered them yet.
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And.. it would make things a lot easier for archmages as many fellowships have weekly requirements for nh.


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nah. rather have goods/help in 2 separate lists. And an increase to at least 20 pages.


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Elvenar Team
Hi guys, thank you all for voting. Since multi accounts were used to push these percentages over the 80% treshold and without them, it would be below 80%, unfortunately this idea didn't get enough support to be forwarded. It will now be archived :)