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New Game Features [New Feature] Mission for the Orcs

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Being able to send Orcs on a mission for extra rewards.

Alternative use of Orcs after Chapter VIII:

Send a crowd of xxx Orcs onto a one week mission.

Possible results:

1.) Nothing found
2.) Found a treasure (some goods)
3.) Found a small group of companions to follow the Orc group
4.) Found a ruin (Relic or rune)
5.) Found a library (some KP's)
6.) Found a hidden province (very, very rare)
7.) Found an encounter (all Orcs defeated)
8.) ...

It gives us something extra to do without focussing on Battles (again). Also it will give an extra functionality to the Orcs, which become quite useless for us since we can't scout very much further anyway.

Possible downsides
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First of all it adds a new feature with random results, which keeps things interesting.
Secondly, it provides an additional use for the orcs later in the game. I'm using my (few) armories to breed them out of habit, but there really doesn't seem to be a point in doing so. It would be nice to make them more useful.

Btw, I really, really feel that in later chapters they should be changed into something else. The woodelves apparently hated the orcs and couldnt wait to be rid of them...and then one neeeded them to upgrade the workshops. Doesn't make any sense at all in the storyline.
So why couldn't they be replaced by something else in the chapters after the orcs?


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Aaah, that reminds me expeditions from Ogame. Yes, people liked this feature (and I did) and used it quite a lot (until it become useless later in game). It would be nice to have it here, BUT I'm a bit worried about the orcs. In a few years ;) when the devs finaly decide to unlock the 2nd promotion of orc units, we will need those orcs. On the other hand, should they implement this feature into the game, there would be some balancing as well, so I guess it's ok.


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@Sir Squirrel , @Urvalsandal

True, I forgot about those orc troops, I don't really use them and my supply of orcs is large enough I hardly notice.

But that should be relatively simple to fix. They added the possibility to breed orcs. So why not add the ability to breed some other kind of troop as well?
Besides, I wonder how many orcs I'm going to need for the upgrades this time. I've got about 150K orcs and am still breeding them as a matter of habit, not because I actually need them right now, so the number keeps increasing.
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