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New Game Features [New Feature] Diamond Rewards

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If you were 100% you would get 2600 diamonds. .
There are people, like me, that buy a bunch of diamonds just to get that missing rune or upgrade builders.. And with this new feature, there will be no reason to buy. No money, no game.

If you max out Magic Academy, you could sooner run out of relics.
If you participate in tournaments regularly, you won't. Btw, Academy, that can store 3 spells at a time is especially useful during events.

Nowdays you do not get much for this amount of diamonds
Forging a rune costs 200 dia. For 2600 dia you can forge whole AW and still have enough to spend elsewhere.

nobody is 100%.
About 75% of my fellowship is online every day. The rest 25% may be as well, I'm just not sure.


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If you max out Magic Academy, you could sooner run out of relics.
The real benefit of having a higher level MA is faster spells- instead of 39 hours to make 3 spells for event it's 12 I think.
Also I wouldn't need to max, just level 4 would be a HUGE bonus, and that 2,250 diamonds would be very possible if 1 year is 2,600