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New Game Features [New Feature] Diamond Rewards

Are you in favor of this idea?

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I think this is a great idea. InnoGames has a similar implementation on Grepolis, but it is 50 "gold" as a "potential" reward for a very high amount of logins. I think a daily reward system would be a good idea (with diamonds being rewarded at the end of the chain for sequential logins) However, I completely understand if this is not implemented since logins are already rewarded handsomely already with the game mechanics and limitations.


I'm playing The SettlersOnline for more than for years. Sometimes it's boring, but I log in every day because there is a 7-day-login-Bonus (I think something like 100 Diamonds). And many other players do the same.

So, I am clearly in favour of a log-in-Bonus in Elvenar.

Aelin Fireheart

I think a daily reward system with some diamonds being a reward after a certain amount of time is a great idea. It rewards those players who are truly active in the game and like playing but can't afford to buy diamonds it also could encourage people to buy them. I'm more likely to buy the diamonds if I already have some and need to buy more to get what I want than if I have none.


Exactly, Allan: it's just like you've well explained!
Me too, I was one of The Settlers Online players, but one day I've decided to stop playing 'cause I was a little bit bored about the game... :confused:
Bye ;)


Well-Known Member
Small diamond rewards would be nice for active players and would encourage some of those less active to login daily. :)


An interesting idea would be to put the diamond rewards into an random point of the game. Like for helping neighbours. With a chance of 5% you can get diamonds. That would have a positive effect and a better motivation to help each other.

- increase the activity of players
- will help to keep the motivation
- from the point of selling diamonds not so dangerous. Still enough chance to sell them

Or we have a weekly ranklist in which you can get some. BUT .... no ranklist in which you can get advantage by using diamonds. That would create a huge rage. Should be something more fair. I have no idea right now but thats another option. But I like the first idea more. :)
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