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New Game Features [New Feature] Diamond Rewards

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Implement diamonds as a bonus for daily logins and for Story Line Quests

Another Inno game, The West, uses 'nuggets' like diamonds are used here. As a bonus for those logging in regularly, active players receive 15 nuggets once a week. I'd like a daily login bonus like that on Elvenar as well. Furthermore, diamonds could be added as quest prizes.

Could enhance player activity, is more user friendly and could trigger players to buy more diamonds because they have a way to experience the benefits it brings.

Possible downsides
We'd have to be careful for balancing reasons and make sure the quest diamonds are only for Story Line quests, to avoid abusing the quest system for free diamonds. When rightly balanced, it shouldn't negatively affect monetization and could even enhance it.
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I don't say I'm against your idea (I would love some extra diamonds!), I just don't really see it happen for various reasons..
I think giving players XX diamonds makes it unnecessary to buy diamonds, something Inno wouldn't like I guess..

I like this idea. Providing the active players with free diamonds would help us in testing different features of the game that are only done with diamonds.
Said this on another thread as well:

If everybody gets free diamonds then the free to play features wont get tested like it does now.. The pay to play features get tested by the ones that are willing to spend some money so there's no need to give diamonds away..
Thoughts on adding a bonus like this to Elvenar?
There is already the option in some countries to get free diamonds..
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Acamax, read my post again, please, NOT daily diamonds. 15 per WEEK. Which is a tiny
amount, and would have to be saved up, but for us poor dirtballs who can't spend money
on the game, throw us a bone.
I get where you come from with it, and as I said I don't disagree with your idea.. I would love something like that as well..
Just saying that I don't see it happen and explained a little why :) I miswrote week because I copied it from my previous post, I've edited this now.. Sorry :oops:


It's right, MustangK: me too, I'd like it was possible to gain a small reward by week, or more, and not by day obviously...


I am sold. But if innogaes doesn't like fifteen maybe 5 per full week? This could make people buy more diamonds because they have diamonds but want to have something instead of waiting until they have enough.
There are enough people who won't wait when they know that they only get a few diamonds a week and will buy more.


Well, even 15 diamonds a week would be ridiculous...

It would take more than half a year (30 weeks) to be able to get 1 (the cheapest) of the 15 main hall expansions, which are lying there useless, when you reach that point.


See acamax. It would actually be better marketing if you ask me.


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Another Inno game, The West, uses 'nuggets' like diamonds are used here.
As a bonus for those logging in regularly, active players receive 15 nuggets
once a week. Thoughts on adding a bonus like this to Elvenar?
15 Diamonds free per week? What say you?
I like this idea because i think is a good thing for help who don't pay the game. 15 diamond for week it is not costs for innogames.


The other way is for Diamonds to be the prize for completing cretain quest. That way you have to work for them and the number of diamonds could be a reasonable amount.


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this is a good idea
another branch of it would be to have quests that give diamonds as rewards :)
(already exists on FoE)
this way non-paying players could have a taste of premium features (which is a good way, as mentioned above, to invite them to get more by buying them ;) ), and premium features could be widely tested, because they need testing too;

on top of that I do not feel like buying diamonds on a beta server :p