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New feature: Crafting on Beta


Elvenar Team

New feature: Crafting on Beta

Dear Humans and Elves,

Today we want to introduce you to our newest feature: Crafting. We've spent many weeks preparing it, and now have it ready to the point where we believe it makes sense to introduce it to you, our Beta Community, so that you can help us with your feedback and bug reports.

We do want to be transparent about the fact that Crafting is not yet 100% ready for a full release, and that some things have not been fully completed yet in its initial release on Beta. Still, already showing you the feature as is will help us improve Crafting further, before we roll out this new feature to all the Live worlds. You are our Beta Community, so we are sure that you will be able to see through some of the not-yet-polished parts of the feature, and provide us with your feedback already!

Can I already use Crafting on both browser and in the app?
For the very first version, we offer Crafting only on the browser version. We will soon be able to activate it on the app as well, but we will need to have the new app version for that, which is not yet available. We'll enable it for Mobile on Beta as soon as it's there!

What is Crafting?
In short, Crafting allows you to use Spells (Enchantments, Instants, Summonings/Buildings) in your inventory to create new items to use in your city instead. Crafting will be tied to the Magic Academy: you will need to have a Magic Academy in your city to be able to craft items. We have done that to make the Magic Academy much more useful, since we have received lots of feedback from you, our community, that it wasn't powerful enough for the space it takes in the city. We're happy to give the building more value for you with this change!

How does it work?
To craft new items, the following steps are necessary:

Step 1: Disenchanting
Through the Magic Academy or in the Inventory, you will now be able to disenchant essentially any item that you may have in your inventory. You are of course able to choose which item(s) you want to disenchant. Disenchanting will result in gaining Spell Fragments. You will need these fragments to create new items later.

Step 2: The Combining Catalyst Spell
In the Magic Academy, you will now be able to make a new type of Enchantment: the Combining Catalyst. You need this Enchantment, together with the Spell Fragments (see Disenchanting above), to create new items.

Step 3: Craft using a recipe
Once you have the Spell Fragments and the Combining Catalyst ready, you are able to craft from a set of recipes. There will be five available ones at any given time, which change regularly (for now this is set to 8 hours on Beta, but that's still subject to change). Crafting allows you to craft one recipe at a time. Should none of the recipes currently available be appealing to you, you will be able to either reset the selection using Diamonds, or you can wait until the reset timer reaches zero.

We hope that, using Crafting, you'll be able to make use of any items you don't really want to use in your inventory, to create more useful items. Please do let us know what you think about this feature in the discussion thread. We are very curious to hear what you think about this new feature!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team