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Implemented [New Feature] Artifacts


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My idea is about artifacts. Similarly to Forge of Empires' Great buildings, you could find artifact pieces in provinces. These Artifact pieces could be put together to give you an artifact. These artifacts then will be placeable in your city. Some artifacts could just give a boost to the Culture buildings. (Not giving exact amount of culture, rather just X% of boost to culture buildings output.) Or they could produce supplies or coins. And of course they can give boost to army.

Some example:

Crystal Skull: The sunlight reflects from the skull, and shines upon your Culture buildings, giving them X% boost to their output.
Mighty Spear: Equip your melee fighters with this Mighty spear to give them X% attack boost.
Hourglass of Eternity: The Hourglass of Eternity is a very powerful Artifact, it changes the flow of time in your town, giing you X% building time boost.
Bloodless Shield: There's a Myth about this Shield, it says that an elf warrior used it in all of his battles and he never got hurt. Equip your units with this shield, giving them X% defense boost.

Of course there can be many more Artifacts. The pieces would be random, and very rare, not giving too easy boosts to anyone.

Any suggestions on this?


To me, anything similar to FoE's Gbs would be nice, in the sense of having to work your way to get it and then to upgrade/enhance it.


They will certainly do this, in the end, just to extend the gameplay, like in Foe and Grepolis.


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Great ideas Hoshi, the chance is high for see something like this in game. I like the style how you described these artifacts :)


Little RPG elements, like be able to put on hero some items to improve army stats ets....


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Elvenar Team
With the Ancient Wonders, we can kind of say that this idea has been implemented :)