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New faces in your city!


Elvenar Team

Dear Elves and Humans,

We have some big news to share with you! With the update to version 0.26, which has been released on Beta today, Elvenar will get its first big extension. Are you curious? Then read on!

Those of you who have progressed to the end of the current research tree will find a completely new chapter. A chapter about the first guests in your city: the Dwarves. It is up to you to help bring back the Dwarven culture to its former glory, so that the Dwarves can carry on on their own again. During this journey, you will face exciting challenges for yourself and your city.

To start helping the Dwarves, you will need to research the Dwarven Portal, through which the Dwarves will be able to enter your city. This Portal will need to be connected to your Main Hall to allow the Dwarves into your city. The Dwarven structures need to be connected to the Dwarven Portal. For this, you will need some of new streets that the Dwarves have developed. You will be able to build new buildings from the Dwarven culture that you will need to help the Dwarven race flourish once more.

The Dwarves produce their very own resources: Granite and Copper. You will need those resources to upgrade the buildings in the Dwarven Settlement, as well as to unlock more researches in the research menu.

After you took care of a continuous production of Granite and Copper, you can upgrade almost every building to new levels. Efficient as the Dwarves are, some of the new upgrades will even let your buildings take less space than before, so you can get more space in your city again! Of course, a new culture comes with new culture buildings that you will be able to build for some nice bonuses. For the fighters among you, there will be new researches for troop upgrades. It looks like the dwarves are a pretty smart race! Overall, the Dwarven Chapter will be the biggest Chapter in Elvenar so far with lots of content to explore.

A small part at the end of the Chapter will still be hidden. With a future update you will see how the Chapter of the Dwarves will end. Are you wondering already? Stay tuned for more information!

As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team