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New Chat Server Time-Frame Est.


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Any news on how the chat testing is going? Or more specifically, when we will be able to use chat commands like "/who" in the chat box again? Thanks for any help! :)

"Dear Humans and Elves,

From next Thursday on, we will be testing a new chat server on Beta. The testing phase will take about 4 weeks and during this time we’d like to ask for your help in reporting any issues you might come across. What we can expect during the change, is that the chat could be unavailable very briefly and that the chat history can be gone. Also: Browser and Mobile will have a different chat server during these testing weeks, and we might need to switch between them from time to time, which means that during a part of the testing phase, browser players can only chat with browser players and mobile players can only chat with mobile players. Of course after the testing phase we will have mobile and browser on the same server again.

Thank you all for your help on this!

Kind regards,
You Elvenar Team"


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Just checking in again with the / commands.
Now that the new chat system is on the live servers, there are all sorts of rumors and opinions about why we don't have those commands, when they are coming back and that they are never coming back, at all.
Can we get any information over here on whether the Dev's plan to bring this feature back or if they plan to leave it out of the game? Thanks for any help! :)