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I need a new FS. I'm fully boosted in Planks, Silk, and Dust. I play daily (though due to work schedule can only promise NH/Visits to members 4 times a week - I try to do more, but that is, again, dependent on schedule). I want the majority (if not all) of the members to honor my request for for culture (which is my preferred visit requirement - if you're members are playing on mobile and unwilling to give anything but MH or BH visits - I'm not interested - I can get that from instants). Further want the majority to actually be giving visits (I'm in one now where less than 2/3 give visits but I need the culture help). I would also love that all trades be no less than 2 star (again this is an issue in my current FS).

I play in tournaments and I play in the FAs, but if there is an expectation that I reach a certain point value then please don't contact me. I play based on my ability and the goods I have to cater with.

Also, sorry - this note was sent before I intended it to. The subject got erased and most of the note too.

Off to work shortly and back in 9 hours. If you have room for a dedicated player (but not fanatical) please consider me.



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As I play on the app I can say honestly that if you have what you want in your name then that is what I do. If you don't then I have always understood that culture is the default option :D


I'll send you a message ingame. Our FS has a few spots if you are still interested.