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Need a home for three cities


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Greetings all :)
We are two very experienced players who need a drama free home led by equally experienced players. We just want to play in Beta, ya know? We have cities and responsibilities elsewhere, so there are times where I poke my nose in this city, perform a few tasks, and wander back to live. There are other times where I spend quite a bit of time on Beta, to collect information. ES says my tourney average is around 850, lol, sounds about right.

I am a Scroll Keeper on the US Forum, answer questions for players freely there, so always need a good home for my Beta test city. I prefer to play with players at every trading level, and to be honest I need to see potential changes in the functionality of the Fellowship Adventures, so I can best maintain my Guide.
Can anyone help us out?
Please reply here so my friend can see any offers.


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Hi @Lelanya you might be interested in taking a look at my FS, we are The Awesomests! A very casual fellowship, with no membership requirements. I play most days, but most of our players are more or less inactive. We're here basically for testing, and trying out new content, just like you.
Take a look and message me in game for invites if you're interested


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You can check out my fellowship, "Kick Back & Relax". We're only showing two openings, but a third can be made available. The only real requirement that we have (recently instituted) is asking members to contribute to the tournaments at a reasonable level. And this is because, let's face it, we all need those blueprints to survive! Anyway, check us out and ask questions as needed. We do participate in Fellowship Adventures and finish all three stages, but no one is "made" to do any certain amount of badges!


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Thanks everyone for your kind offers, we are situated, and have found a good niche, but there is always next time. I find myself in a supporting role these days, teaching and learning, and making new connections, so who knows.


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Greetings everyone.
I am looking for a new home for myself, and possibly for my friend, who has two accounts. Please write to me here, in game, or in Discord. Again, need a home where I can see the functionality of new features, as I do write Guides for Events and Fellowship Adventure. We prefer active swap threads, in a vibrant fellowship that participates in every level of the game, tournament, Spire and Adventures. I must admit to falling occasionally into intermittent play, for instance when Live realms have FA, due to the two fellowships that I archmage and a few others where I advise.
Thanks and have a blessed day :)