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Good afternoon everyone,
I'am Elliot, I am 14 years old. I'am South of the France. Sorry for my English . I am the Fan of

Best reguards,
NashHero (or Elliot)

Zarok Dai

Well-Known Member
We would like to welcome you NashHero, and everyone else to the Elvenar Beta Forum, and the game. We appreciate all of you that have joined us here, and are looking forward to your feedback and input in the coming months. Together we are sure we can make Elvenar the best it can be.
Good Gaming All


Hello bonjour NashHero !
I'm french too ! And i also enjoy Elvenar : it's a very good game and i like very much the design of the city : all the batiments is too berautiful and plenty of grace ( i game like an Elve).
Lot of thanks for the conceptors.