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Trader More trading features


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Change in the trader. The trader is so far the only non-cultural building that cannot be upgraded and has had no new features, but could be changed into something more dynamic and more versatile.

The present system lacks a lot of usable features. And with the latest adaptation (or screw-up) in the wholesaler it has become even worse. Several suggestions have been made on different forums to improve trading and thus interaction between players.

Set up
First I think the additional options should become available gradually, in the form of upgrades, every other chapter. I have made an example of a possible set-up.

Chapter 1. Trader is built. No changes.

Chapter 3. First upgrade.
This will give a 5% reduction of the fee trading with undiscovered players and a 5% discount on the wholesaler. This will be cumulative with the later bonus of the Blooming Trader Guild.
Trader will now also take gold for supplies, but at a very high rate.

Chapter 5. Second upgrade.
A new feature, the relic trader. By now many players will be wanting to do do something with their relics.
The relic trader will take 2 boosted relics to give one non-boosted relic. This will enable people to get relics they need for spells, but at a cost.
The trader will also take 3 (or 4?) non-boosted relics for one boosted relic. This will enable players to get to their maximum boost sooner.

Chapter 7. Third upgrade.
This will again give access to a completely new feature, the travelling merchant. Each day (or week perhaps) a player will find here a ONETIME offer for that period. These will be randomly selected from a certain set (5 squads of troops, 5 relics, 25 diamonds, a rune, 5 shards, x-amount of supplies, 5 spells, x-amount of mana and perhaps more options)
Players can only take the offer once, or spend a certain amount of gold each time. Amounts may for instance vary by the chapter the player is in, to keep it worthwhile
Needless to say there is no reason it should be cheap.

Chapter 9. Fourth upgrade.
Yet another new feature, the runetrader. By far the most players will now have a cache of useless runes. This trader will take 15 (or more?) runes (any combination of players choice) for 1 other (also players choice).
Great advantage here is you can stack up on runes for wonders you want in advance. (Breaking runes to shards now only gives you a rune you want when you actually can fill the ring, you cannot stack up).

Starting chapter 11 there could be a new one, for instance bettering the first upgrade, or perhaps with something completely new.

Possible downsides.
- Programming time needed.
- New features need to be tested and exact amounts for trading need to be checked for playability
- Need to add the upgrades in the tree retroactively
- May have a huge impact due to the rune availability

Possible advantages
- New features, adding versatility to the trader and the game.
- More interaction due to better trading fees
- More uses for relics and runes
- Getting rid of the only non-upgradable non cultural building and a chance to give it new graphics.
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Sir Squirrel

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I like the idea of making the trader upgradable, but to make it something the Dev's are going to spend that much time on I think we should have to upgrade with diamonds after the first two or three upgrades (the same as the magic academy and the builder hut). Maybe also upgradeable with blueprints as I think this would be a good use for them (if blueprints were made a little more obtainable). I know I would spend 10-15 bucks to trade in my extra runes.
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Nice ideas, I had been thinking along similar lines. Would love to see the graphic change and update. Another reason for been diamond based for higher levels is like builders and MA it does not use up people/culture and ideally no shape changed which may be a common aspect of the diamond options.

An additional idea/variations for an upgrade option is a rune market where players can put up trade offers for runes, even if it was only available for 72 hrs a month.

Your chapter 5 option for relics is unlikely as it is counter to the MA which is the place to use non-boost relics. It also is a little counter to tournaments if you can just up your boost by trading. I think the idea would have a stronger pitch to the devs if you can keep it in-line with these other game aspects.


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Though I see your point I dont think it is counter to the MA but an addition. It gives players a choice in converting boosted relics to ones usable in the MA. This because a lot of players are running the MA almost 24/7 and at some point run out of those. Especially during events with a lot of asignments to create spells.
On the other hand it also offers them a choice to sacrifice those to grow their boostpercentage.

But neither is a hard limit, I just set up a possible outline, Im sure there are more people with good alternative ideas. I just feel something needs to be done to make the trader an asset again
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Bringing a dead horse to life, eh? ;) I like it.

I just wouldn't bind it to certain era or a research. That would be as static as every other thing about elvenar. I'd let the player choose, when he needs (can afford) upgrade. I'd pay it with relics, KPs (like AWs) or just bigger ammount of goods. -but that's just an idea.


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I'd like that option too, but feel that the later functions I proposed won't have much use for a player in chapters 1-3 for instance. And I did bind it to chapters to kinda stay in line with the way the research works in Elvenar. But I wouldn't mind if it wasn't chapter based. Like I said, it was just a suggestion to make the trader more versatile.

And as @Sir Squirrel mentioned, it might be done that way with diamonds. I just didn't think it would have to be a paid function.


I would love to think the developer team is listening to it's customers suggestions, ideas and thoughts. But sadly I think they have their own agenda and ignore anything that would interfere with theirs. They make haphazard changes then wonder why we get up in arms about the newest disastrous change they just made, what are they smoking, must be good...:)


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Perhaps so. But even though my hope is pretty much sinking I still hope someone listens.
And hope that there are more people who would like to see the trader become an asset again


I really like the 3rd and 4th upgrade options.. I think for the rune trader if you trade in that many runes for one of you choice it should be a guaranteed fit rune..


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Making trader upgradable isnt a new idea, and in my opinion is bound to happen. Its the only way to make the difference in obligated squares equal between humans and elf players. it used to be elf use 2 less before woodelves and changed into humans use 4 less after woodelves.

Now i can tell you that ive seen in the game raw data, that there is actually allready trader lvl 2 planned in the race after the dragons. Its only 1 upgrade tho and theres no diamonds involved. This has been in the raw data for quite a while now (think since before winter event).

Of course what it will actually do isnt in the data yet, and nothing is final till it is actually released.
Im assuming that lvl 2 trader is the main reason the wholesalesman had to change tho :)


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think its a good idea
Right now dont now who the trader is dont see him anymore

last time i looked he got to espensive:oops::oops: that will cost points