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Communication More Notifications required. Separate NH from trades


Well-Known Member
already asked for this a looong time ago.

also asked to increase notifications to25pages

also asked to keep member out of the list (only fs-menu visible for help)

so yes, more, more more, please, asap.

Martha Bunker

Well-Known Member
If trader notifications were in a different mailbox, I would probably use the trader almost every day. Now I'm only using it when it's required on an event.

I've been here for years, have seen this question so many times, Inno obviously doesn't want it.


Well-Known Member
I've always been in favor of this idea, as well.
It would be really nice to separate trades notifications from visit notifications.
If we are posting a lot of trades but also trying to visit all of our helpful neighbors, it's likely that we'll miss visiting a few of those neighbors because the notifications are bogged down by trades taken.
Of course we could go on to the World Map to visit those neighbors but it's a little tedious to scroll through a largely scouted Map to find those neighbors. Separating the notifications would be another positive step forward for or beloved game. :)