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Quests More Imaginative Event Quests Please

Loki Blue

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Rarely do I complain about game-things on community forums, but now that I am at quests #28 through #31, and I've seen the rest of the list on GOK, I feel the need to vent. However, I would prefer to put that energy into something more productive. (I'm grinning, so feel free to run if you wish. I won't mind. :D)

At any rate, why must we continually drag ourselves through the same mindless, repetitive quests event after event? Yes, I realize that they are designed to 'help our cities progress', but really, I don't know anyone who actually wants to do them. I certainly don't. Trust me when I say that it is excruciatingly awful. Imagine having to listen to The Collector for an hour...then multiply that by 100. It really is that bad. (The Grandmaster's company is preferable, but not by much.)

Please, for mercy's sake, give us quests that are entertaining, that are engaging, that actually make us look forward to these things...I thought the Events were supposed to be fun, not something to be dreaded, like a trip to the dentist.

What is wrong with quests like these? ('Cookies' is used to represent whatever we are collecting at the time)

Collect x number of cookies in your city (a reasonable amount, mind you...)

Collect cookies found in neighboring cities until you have x amount (again, reasonable)

Aid x number of neighbors and receive 140 cookies

Aid x number of your Fellows randomly and tell them 'Hello' in a message, and receive something of value (please note that this only applies to players already in your Fellowship prior to the beginning of the Event. New members that join after the Event begins don't qualify toward your goal.) If you are not in a Fellowship, or are in a solo one, then you may place a trade on the market, or pick up a trade, or something of the sort and receive something of value.

Once every 24 hours, a player may randomly choose a neighboring abandoned city (ie, an abandoned starter city) and search the city for the hidden chest. If you do not find the chest (as in, where we would find our regular treasure chests), then sack the Main Hall. The chest you find will contain something of value to the Event, or (randomly) diamonds. Note that the city must be searched first before you can search the Main Hall.

Once every 24, a player may randomly choose a province they have already cleared and find a Traveling Quest giver. Solve the quest, and receive something of value, in addition to x amount of cookies.

Once every 24, a player may randomly choose a province they have already cleared and battle a Bilgesnipe, or some other sort of fanciful, unique creature not normally found in the game. The player is allowed x number attempts to defeat the creature per encounter but does not actually lose any troops. Defeat the creature and receive whatever the Daily Prize is. (
This quest can be declined! If you do not wish to battle, you don't have to. This is for kicks, and an extra chance of winning a Daily Prize. Also, there are no ranking points for winning.)

This is obviously just an example of what I find preferable to the drudgery of going through the quests we have been given over and over again. If there is any discussion here, please keep it civil, and focused on ideas for new Event quests.

Thanks. :cool:


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I posted in another thread somewhere that having a mini-guest race for the major events could work too.
Like a dumbed down version of chapter 6. Replace copper and granite with cookies and candy canes.

If not, then switching the quests to ones that actually reward progress.
Upgrading 4 buildings to level 5 is only good for perhaps 5% of players.

For a player that has unlocked dwarven workshops and residences the quest should be:
"Upgrade 5 buildings to level 17 or higher, or have 15 buildings level 17 or higher"

This would either a) promote progress, or b) reward progress.

Scale that for each chapter.


In the Halloween Event, the Pumpkin King guy even had a dialogue that he was punishing us by forcing us to collect beverages. He said he knew we hate this specific type of quest, so they definitely are aware of player feedback regarding many of the quests.

I'd like to see a Battle Simulation Quest. All of the pieces needed would be provided in the simulation, no need to train anything or have provinces ready. And we can keep trying until we beat it.