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[Mobile] Time until neighborly help can be given

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Deleted User - 81672

Implement a countdown timer on mobile to see when NH can be given again.

It would be nice if when in Fellowship menu, time until neighborly help can be given, would be displayed when the "hands" are pushed. (see pic)

It would make it easier to see when NH van be given again.

Possible downsides
UI + Possibly server load/decline in performance.


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Nice idea. But I would like that it doesn’t add load to the app / server due to real time updates.
We already saw too many login issues with the real time aw feature /button added.


Well-Known Member
That won't add any load to server, since it's already sending info about when NH would be available. The only tiny load for app is to calculate time left and show it in UI.
And this timer is already visible on the map for the neighbors.

Enevhar Aldarion

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Even though we got the big missing browser items finally added to the mobile app, there are still several smaller things like this that still need to be implemented into the app. So while this is a small thing, it would still be useful for all the players who do not do all their visiting at the same time every day to everyone.