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Other Mobile - Make appear reward chest for helping in your own city


Well-Known Member
Hi Folks,

I was wondering, if we could get that reward chest for helping in our own city while we help neighbors on mobile.
Currently you don’t have any means to receive that reward on mobile. So for mobile players there is an AW, which is not beneficial.
The rewards could show up in our own city the same way we see shards during the events.

Thanks for forwarding this suggestion.

Have a nice day, Smithy

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
I would like to have those chests automatically collected - both on mobile and browser version.
Recently, while my mobile app didn't work, I was doing neighbor help in browser and I even didn't bother to look for the chest. So I basically don't get the chest at all.


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autocollect seems easier to code
I guess looking for the chest was supposed to be fun, but clearly it isn't, so noone would miss this part