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Duplicate Missing Golden handshake on FS help

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Game version: __ v1.23.4-(785f9e5) (2017-02-09 10:50)
Game world: __ Beta (zz1)
Browser + version: __ Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87
Flash Player version: __
Operating System: __ win 10 enterprise 64 bits
Screen resolution: __ 1980x1020
Account name: __ Dharock
Humans or Elves: __ Humans

Reproducibility: _?/5

Quest title: __ N/A

Current situation:
__ No golden hands after players from my fellowship has helped me, neighbors are showing with the hand.
__ I did receive my bonus gems from great bell of spire and gold, for xinn but i did receive supplies from catlin (see screenshot below, seems to be display issue only)
__ Also in screenshot you will notice that Paprice is showing gold but she is the only one in theses that doesn't belong to FS.

Expected situation:
__ Golden handshake and timer showing how long until bonus for help expire.

Reproduction Steps
__ ?
2. __
3. __
4. __
5. __






Well-Known Member
This is probably the 7th bug report on this issue, it might help to give the main bug report a more readable title, so people recognize the issue.
All duplicates had readable title, unfortunately they were scrapped, and the one with a crap title has been kept.
Such a pitty that all these people have to spend a lot of time to file something that is already reported. Such a waste!
Not open for further replies.