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Events May Event

I have looked at the May event on elvengems and from the information on there, there is about 66 encounters (more or less) so you will need to scout atleast 9 provinces to do these quests.

This might be easy for the lower levels (up to a point) until troops and resources become a problem. For the higher levels, these quests will present a huge problem as they will have to scout provinces, which takes quite a couple hours to complete.

Perhaps you should rethink some of these quests and include another option other than tournaments and the spire before you release it into the normal worlds. I know there are some high level players that dont do spire or tournaments at all so some of these quests might be a problem for them.

Also if you're low on relics, making catalysts is going to be a huge problem and you cant progress further than the first few quests.

Currently in my chapter 1 (I just achieved chapter 2) on Beta, I'm having a problem with the 12 relics quests as there are too many of them and these are not always easy to get - resources and troops being the main issue here.

I did have an issue to get the vision vapor until I could activate and build the magic academy but a couple quests in the magic academy, and the spell fragments were finished and I'm too small to obtain them in the spire at the moment. As soon as Magic Academy activates, you only get 1000 spell fragments and 10 catalysts so with the very first quest for vision vapor, it can get depleted unless you are lucky to craft pet food or relics but even so it wont last long.

Other than the above, I love the fact that there are new things to do for this event. Its fresh and different, though it does remind me of the gingerbread event we had over Christmas.

Over all I personally think this is an event for the lower levels who will find it more easier than others to do,, apart from the magic academy but once they can get it going they will be fine, whereas it might be problematic for the higher levels. I can say this since I have started playing on Beta about a week ago, a few days after the event has already started and am already at quest 33 making this the furthest I've ever been. I will probably not make it to the end but I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

Great job coming up with this one.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Hi @Egwene al Vere , thank you for sharing your feedback and welcome to our forums! For feedback about the event, we have this Feedback Thread so if you have any additions, please post them there so they won't be overlooked. The Ideas subforum is to propose completely new game ideas (please see here for an explanation). I'll archive this thread now, so we can keep all feedback in 1 place and make sure everything is forwarded correctly. :) Thank you once again!