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maximum capacity of draven portal


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I saw on the wiki that the draven portal at the level 4 (maximum level at present) had for maximal capacity 160 000 granite and 3400 copper.
My question is thus, that am I going to make of my granite mines and my copper mines once the ended tree (for me in 5 weeks) and my draven portal at the most of its storage capacity?

I am going to have to eliminate them of my city and put my dwarfs without jobs?

I think that would be it's a pity but I am not going to keep about fifteen buildings which will just be of no use to me for the pleasure


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Thank you lordB
it is so like that as I had interpreted him but I wanted just to be on that one ever need these buildings in the next evolutions of the game.
What I do not know it is to know if in the next extension of the tree we stay on the dwarfs or if we pass in another race.

The future will tell it us:)