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User Interface Mark city as "Dead"


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New Game feature: „Mark city as Dead“


On the world map around my city, I can find a lot of players inactive for a long, long time or given up the game.

To improve the game quality in the city enviroment, it is neccessary to removed inactive cities to the outer space and replace with active/new players.

With the possibility to mark such a kind of city, INNO hast he possibility to check wheter or not this is correct by getting active information from players.



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:confused:, it seems that I'm more or less the only one with this problem. I have "dead" cities around me for more than 1, 2 and 3 years and still present.
Also cities with deleted content or city name "game over" for a long time.
I think the skull and cross bones is a little over dramatic but moving inactive cities away from more active players seems like a good idea. I think it also reasonable to identify cities where the player has not been active at all for an extended period. I would leave it to the admins to determine how long is a reasonable time to assume a player has become inactive.
I think it would also be a good idea to allow players to abandon their cities. I have come across a number of cities named something like "I quit", "Ghost Town", "Gone", "Dead", or something similar with the clear intent of letting people know they have quit the game.


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Are you referring to live or beta?

Live is cleaning up quite nicely since the new move scripts became active, on the other hand many on beta play like me, we rarely log in and just look at the new feature, play around en then ignore beta again for a while.

Because of this we are neither dead nor alive, gamewise we are alive (as we log in sometimes) but gamewise we are dead (we have no active play)


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This is the Form of Beta, I'm only referring to this world and things I mentioned for a long time.


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I see "DEAD" cities on all 4 servers I play on. Recently they did a sweep of my neighbors on Elcysandir, clearing out cities and replacing with coins. But many cities with titles like "quit" 'abandoned" or "real life won" were still left there.