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New Game Features Make the game recognize scrolling versus collecting


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I used to play a game called Royal Story and if you wanted to move around in your city, the game could tell that was what you were doing and it didn't collect your ________ (filling the blank: goods, supples, coin, AWs, 2 day t1 for FA, etc.)

I think there is a press and hold action before trying to move for scrolling and you just swipe for collecting. I dislike that this game doesn't recognize the difference, and the only thing that I can think of is maybe they just used a millisecond timer to detect the difference in what the player was trying to do. But, it is something that can successfully be programmed in and here is it, like 7 years into the game and I still accidentally collect when I am trying to scroll.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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This option is almost impossible to realize.
If you put your mouse or finger (app version) on a building you can collect the ready goods from it will always start collecting, else it starts moving the screen.

Solution to your problem: Don't start on a building you can collect goods from.


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The only solution I see is to treat any action as scrolling until either some time (say 0.2s) passed from pushing mouse button (or screen) without any movement or the button (or finger) is released.
"Don't start on a building" is not a solution, but a problem description. It's very easy to misclick and even easier to mistap on a small screen.

Enevhar Aldarion

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This game has had a lot of issues, both big and small, in it's lifespan, but this one has to be the most annoying for browser players. I have also played other games that were programmed to tell the difference between "click" and "click and hold", but never this one. And looking at a lot of what has been added in the past year, that other games were doing 5 or more years ago, I still wonder where they dig their programmers up from.

Edit: to add to this, when you click on the Move or Sell buttons, the game then recognizes the difference between "click" and "click and hold to drag". Maybe Inno just needs to add a third button next to them for Collect. Nothing can be collected if we do not click that button, and then the same code used for the Move and Sell buttons can be applied to the Collect button. This would also allow us to open up buildings that have something ready to collect, without actually collecting anything.
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I also just found out that if you go into your Wonders window, then click on a Wonder to view your contributions, it collects any rewards that were still waiting for collection. That is inconvenient if you're waiting to collect those during an event. Meaning: if I want to complete more than one event quest in one collection session, I have to focus solely on that activity and not get side tracked by checking my AW. But, that's not RL and I've accidentally collected many times. I just want to be able to look into my AW without collecting and only collect when I'm ready.


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Edit: to add to this, when you click on the Move or Sell buttons, the game then recognizes the difference between "click" and "click and hold to drag".
There is no "Swipe to sell multiple buildings" or "Swipe to move multiple buildings", so there is nothing to recognize, action is performed only on button release, any drag is scroll. Making collection to work the same way would be even a bigger cancer than accidental collection now.

The good alternative could be scrolling via right mouse button, but that's not an option for sensor displays (yes, there are gestures like 2 fingers moving for similar behaviors, but there still could be false collections due to inaccurate finger placing).


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On browser version, no experience with app version, you only have to click and hold on the clickbutton with you mouse, than you are able to move without collecting.

Only hold your mouse button a little bit longer.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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I think that is were your problem is.
As soon as you press the mouse button it will look if it can collect or not.
If it can collect and you drag the mouse with button down it will start collecting all.
If it can't collect and you drag the mouse with the button down it will move the town around.

What happens if your mouse has a bad button?
You might think your button is down but the connection is not good, you might think you are dragging your town around but it losses the button down for 0.01second and now you are collecting.
Solution: try an other mouse and see if the problem has been solved.


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This topic is not about bad buttons, but about bad positioning. if there is a lot of things to collect, it's hard to point somewhere where you won't collect anything, especially on a small mobile screen (but even on PC I sometimes accidentally collect things that are not meant to be collected while hunting for event currency around the city).


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Yes this is about accidental releases while scrolling, and whether there is a good mechanism to help avoid this. This has been an irritating phenomenon in this game, I would hazard to say, all along. I have been playing since around this time in 2016 *lolol the game had been out for 9 months.