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City Make it possible to sell Barracks

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Now that we have 3 separate production queues for military units wouldn't it be more logical that we can sell the Barrack as well just like the Training Grounds & Mercenary Camp ? :cool:
Agree 100%! I came to Elvenar three years ago because it is the only game of its kind that allows a player to choose whether to play as a warrior or a merchant. I personally have no interest in battles, but love the strategy aspect of the game and thoroughly enjoy setting up my cities for maximum efficiency to trade and negotiate through every challenge! So why must I be forced to devote space and resources in my city for a Barracks??? I have progressed merrily through the game to chapter 16 and I literally NEVER use it! I’m forced to tuck it out of the way in a corner of my city in space I could really use for something beneficial to my game strategy. I feel like this is a penalty, and it’s not fair.


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The barracks is considered one of the main required buildings of the game and as such cannot be sold. We have no intentions of changing this, so I'll archive this thread now.