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Magic dust tournament


based on current experience :
-provinces 1 to 8, up to lvl 5
-Elves, with bud sorceresses, granite golems, sword acrobats, cerberus III, elder treants

if you face mages, archers and steinlings (up to 3 squads of these), sword acrobats should do the job, even in auto fight; auto may fail though, depending on terrain, in which case hounds can be the answer as they can reach their targets faster

mages and steinlings (with no archers), bud sorceresses generally make it in the early levels;
once you are facing more than 3 squads of steinlings, try treants, they can slap down anything :)

mages and archers (no steinlings) : let the dawgs out ! :D ("mages taste best !" ;) )
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any suggestion how to beat this map? steinling and abbots are level 3, archer level2


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any suggestion how to beat this map? steinling and abbots are level 3, archer level2

it is a manual battle
all 5 set of Mage unit
may be 1 set of cerberus + 4 set of mage unit

Forget enemy steinling
their damage on mage unit is not much ( unless you mage unit get hit by enemy mage unit )

clear enemy archer ( as it is 1 of the best soldier against mage unit ) , then mage
remember try to avoid hit from steining < the computer sometime move your mage to a position close to enemy and result get hit , avoid it >


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I would try 3 doggies and 2 treants
Altho my post of course comes too late:
i would also do 3 dogs and 2 treants, and if that doesnt work: id try 4 dogs and 1 treant. The one treant can easily take down the 3 steinlings, if you maange to get the rest down before all your dogs are dead.


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i tried with treants but steinlings used environment so well that they never managed to reach them before they died, dogs die on 1 hit from steinling tho
i didnt tried 5 mages, that could potentially works