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City Magic academy improvements


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I hope the amount of pet food we can get will remain as it is, I have almost 100 foods and don't know what to do with them. Of course, it's consumption will be increased, but it will be still just a point, where I get more than I spend.
The problem with lack of catalysts could be solved by releasing Spire (and still many ways how to put them as rewards in different events) so the only thing I agree with is recipe rotation, which should get some improvment as time advance.


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my rough calculation give me 11 pet food consumed per week or even more... and I want to be able to craft something else too. Spire is not a reliable source for catalysts with it's chances and costs.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Although I can clearly see the effort that has been put into this idea, I regret to say I'll have to archive this thread for now. Right now the MA is working as expected and the proposed ideas are not something we're planning to implement anytime soon. Of course we do keep monitoring the situation closely (as you can sometimes see by additions to the Crafting recipes for example), but no major changes are currently planned for the near future.