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Discussion Lucky Little Fin


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please find the announcement for this year's Elvarian Games event here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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So what kind of random productions ? will it include something vaguely useful, like portal profits or pet food, or (I could wish) diamonds ?

King Luckybaby

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A good and beautiful building
I like it :cool:

The other prices ???
Can I exchange some old building for a better one?
I'll see!

And .....
Thank you David - iDavis !!!
A building with Pet 'Food :)
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I'm trying something new for my website this time. As this event is featuring the chests rotation system (the way we select chests works similarly to e.g. Dawn of the Phoenix), there is a clear difference between the chests suitable for obtaining Daily prizes and those rather beneficial towards Grand prizes of the event.
For this, I created the newest tab on the website called Hoops, which contains overview of all the available hoops and the select-box, that sorts all these chests to find the best ones for obtaining either Daily Prizes or Grand Prizes of this event.
The link for this page is available below.

The way it is implemented makes it possible to reuse this feature in future events (that will have the similar chests rotation mechanic). Of course I might make any further adjustments to it, e.g. the way it gets calculated or displayed in the tab.

Hoops Overview

All the new buildings are now also available here, together with the brand-new evolving building featuring random productions for the first time - the Glory of the Nimble. As this is retrieved from Beta, it's of course a subject to any further changes.
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Building is beautiful but 60% to get ascended goods 1st tier is not a good prize.
They have absolutely no use in game atm + we produce much more in 3h in 1 manufactory than here in 24h (6400)
Things like pet food, various spells, royal restoration, unit instants, units, vision vapor, sips of clarity, they would be much more suitable.

But it proves to me once again that whoever decides about these prizes, doesn't play late-game.
You have to play to know what is useful and what is useless.
6400 ascended good is totally useless.
And it will be the prize in 3/5 of cases.
Even replacing them with less KP would be better.
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Random prizes from the evolving building could be much better! There are much more valuable stuff you can offer such as pet food, royal restoration, temporary buildings helping us in fighting, temporary production boost (i.e. double of the amount produced for a full day), new soreries items to give us the choice on artefacts to chose from, so we can consider upgrading our old evolving buildings and get them to stage 10. Love the kps but the probability to get them are way too low.


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Full event information is available here in an easy-to-open format, in the process of being updated right now:
You are welcome to share this document with friends who do not play on Beta.
Comments and suggestions are extremely welcome!

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Stages 1-4 have a 33% drop rate
Stages 5-7 have a 25% drop rate
Stages 8-9 have a 25% drop rate for the first 3; 5% and 20% for the other two


This is what a player would get in chapter XIX:
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There is no daily reward. I'm not sure to get the building to stage 10 also I have fed the Ashen Kakadu for this event the first time


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some trouble for small cities 1 KP at 25% ,is not good
if we follow example of festival merchant , we should have T3


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Really expected the chance to get 2nd stonehenge base, but they gave just 2nd Glory of The Nimble base instead of book with choice :/

Well, another year with 10 artifacts and no 2nd base... Shame.