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Looking fro a New home Either: Ch4 Plank-Silk-Dust or Ch2 Plank-Silk-Gem City or both

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Looking for a Fellowship where my Economic contribution and Neighborly help and a desire to play Fellowship Adventures cooperatively are desired.

Seeking a fellowship that disagrees with the 5:2:1:0 Philosophy.

To that end I've developed a safe (trades will never be taken by the world) fair, in obtrusive (they won't ever burden your pocket book, because you Never need to accept Any trades), that I'm looking for a Fellowship to Adopt. Here's my logic:
Simply put, if you believe it's your job to empower your "Fellows" as you are able, Please Join the Righteous Traders Guild.

.Details:. All internal trades shall be 2 Star or 1:4 safe trades.
1:4 trades are more safe and efficient way to trade (Ex.: boosted :crystal: player POSTS: (
Offer: 400 :crystal: • Demand: 1600 :silk:), while the boosted :silk: player POSTS: (
Offer: 400 :silk: • Demand: 1600 :crystal:) or (
Offer: 200 :silk: • Demand: 800 :steel: AND Offer: 200 :silk: Demand: 800 :plank:) because he's boosted :marble:. The 400 :crystal: defines either both or all 3 trades. . Inside the fellowship that's just efficient1:1 trading.
This policy works because it the fellowship follows it, they have safe efficient trading and 5:2:1:0 traders might as well leave because this is better; besides no one will ever trade with you twice because you're shorting them!

You don't feel you can help? . Don't! . You'll get bigger.

Tournaments: Get those Wonder building KP as frequently as you wish...
Games: Get those special items as frequently as you wish...

...participation breeds rapid growth. . Participation is internally rewarded, and in the Fellowship. . More is explained inside the Fellowship...

I would be willing to help arrange recruitment so it favored economic balance.
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I did, I do not know where this type of request went. Sorry.

Never saw that forum. Thanks.
Now I can also see those seeking, Thanks again.