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Looking for QA Moderator with IOS device


Community Manager
Elvenar Team

Hi everyone!

We are currently looking for a new QA Moderator to join our team! This time, we're specifically looking for someone with an IOS device, to help us test IOS-related bugs.

QA Moderator
A big part of being a Beta Community, is collecting bug reports, finding exact reproduction steps and forwarding them to our development team for fixing. As a QA Moderator you'll focus on exactly this: Picking up bug reports from players, testing them yourself and trying to find the exact steps to reproduce the bug.

If you'd like to contribute a bit more to our dynamic community and think one of these positions would be perfect for you, please go to our

Here you'll find some more information on how to apply:

  • Applying is only possible through our Recruitment Page (tab "Apply"). Applications sent in through this forum, support system or mail won't be read.

  • Please read all information on the Recruitment Page before applying and make sure you meet the requirements.

  • Due to German law, we cannot hire anyone below the age of 18.

  • Don't forget to check the 3 checkmarks on the bottom of the "Apply" page. We need this permission to store your application and to be able to process it.

  • We do our best to process the applications as quickly as possible. If you're not hired (and the checkmark "I wish to be contacted automatically if my team membership document is modified." is checked), you'll be notified of this by email.
If you think this is interesting for you, don't be afraid to apply so we can hopefully welcome you to our team! Good luck!