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Looking for a new home


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I'm fully boosted in Planks/Silk/Dust. I play daily but can only promise visits 4 times a week (work schedule dictates those days). I'll always visit what you have specified (unless that's not possible due to lack of said item) and I expect the same in return.

I play in tournaments, but not to the detriment of my city (I'm not interested in 10 chests/Blue prints etc. - I play to advance the FS but not interested in being required to play for points).

I play in FAs as best I can/as space allows - however, the fuss that goes on during these events is what chased me out of my last FS - the FAs aren't worth the fuss and I won't stay if that goes on.

I'm not a speedy grower, but I am growing and I pick up all same tier trades when I see them in the trader. I'll help anyone that needs help if they ask me or indicate in chat/email that they need help.

Just looking for some place that understands I know my city best and will do all I can for the FS depending current circumstances but that it's mutual respect.


Hi Calemnir
If you are still looking for a fellowship, Avalon might fit your needs. We are a laid back group, and do not have any point requirements. We are, however, very active and recently our archmage was MIA for a couple months and we started losing players. I have recently become archmage and am looking for players to help us grow again. Your boosted goods would be a good fit for us. Please check us out and let me know what you think.