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looking for a home

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I am looking for an active fellowship. I am boosted in planks, silk and dust and am ranked around the 2700 mark with a score of 50k+. I am not in a hurry to get to the top - nor in that much of a hurry to finish all the guest races so I can wait for the next one. Currently I am about 1/2 of the way through the orc chapter. I do some tournament activity - more than the minimum - but not a lot more than that. I also will contribute to the fa's , if it does not demand the " donation" of relics, orcs or the likes. I also return all visits every day both to neighbors and fellow members of the fs. My time might be limited when the FA's roll around as I play in multiple worlds, but as the weather here gets colder I am indoors and on the pc a lot more.I am using Beta as more than a place to go to to see what is coming for the live worlds and then just leave, my style of play precludes that. I would be interested in any of the larger fellowships that have a style of play similar to what I have just stated and I am not in a fellowship right now. Feel free to visit my city and look it over - or send me an in game message. looking forward to hearing from or seeing you , Willie


I would be happy to have you, I'm building it from scratch.
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