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Looking for a fellowship


Hello all, like i say in the title im looking for a fellowship where people are active, motivating and talking on chat. Im a daily player, i have 80 000 points in the ranking and have factories to produce steel, scrolls and elixir. If someone have a spot for me please write me here or in the game.
Best regards,


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Hi Dragos

We would love to have you in our fellowship :)

Fellowship description -

Welcome to the Middle Earthens- top 5 ranked guild. We have plenty of elven and dwarven fairy and special wonders. We are a friendly fun fellowship, great for building up your town. We encourage Fair traders and daily aiders to help all progress. Trades placed within the fellowship are quickly taken and fun with chat is highly encouraged :)
We also have a 5kp swap thread useful for building up your wonders.
Please ask for an invite if you are over 80k player and we will let you know if we have a vacancy :)