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New Game Features Lock in Fellowship Advetnures waypoint


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I have meet this features in game world and beta world
player do not follow fellowship direction to dump badge into waypoints which is not agree or discussed ahead
the problem may , sometimes, lead in-complete map due to mis-place badge in wrong waypoint

the problems are:
(A) player do not check message
(B) player do not read chat
(C) player has no time
(D) LANGUAGE BARRIER that lead to the above issue

Currently, end-prize of each map cannot only be unlocked by fellowship's key person (like archmage, mage, ambassador)

I would suggest to extend this feature to allow
Fellowship key person able to LOCK and UNLOCK waypoint

e.g. When FA start, all waypoints in each Map are locked
no one is allow
when 1 of fellowship key persons arrive, he can do something
like unlock all waypoints in blue route in map 1, this give all members notice fellowship direction ( do blue route only )
unlock all waypoints in Map 3.......in later stage, find fellowship cannot do some waypoints, then LOCK those waypoints

This arrangement will turn Fellowship instruction/direction on fellowship adventures become a clear/precise graphic instruction/direction
and avoid any mis-place badges

This is important to those small fellowship as they can place their badge more precsiely
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Plus 1 from my side

A helpful idea to manage a FA more efficient according to the described problems:)


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while i like the general principle i can see things that would annoy me with it.
1 sometimes when i come on all the badges ive produced have been placed and so i cant place any, this can reoccur several times through the day, with your system i would then not be able to place on a another point to get the prizes.
2 sometimes all the waypoints on one path have been finished while im asleep and so would not be able to place
3 what if all the important people are away, you cant then place anything.


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I would like to see something along these lines, but would caution that it needs to limited to waypoints containing sensitive badges, like statues.

Burger Meister Meister

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This idea has some merit but the biggest disadvantage is that you need to wait for someone to unlock a waypoint. What happens if they are not active or are in a different time zone. My FS covers multiple timezones from Canada and the US all the way to Australia.

My personal opinion is that the FS should be communicating better but if you really think this idea is necessary then the only way that I would support it is if as @MaGorr mentioned that the default state was everything OPEN and you have the OPTION of locking waypoints so that you can still play it the same way as you do today without affecting too many people that like it the way it is.

Just my 2 cents...


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My preference would just be to have the ability to flag or highlight certain waypoints, so there's a clear visual indication to the rest of the fellowship what path/waypoints are a priority, without having the rest of the waypoints excluded or locked. Then it becomes a pure communication tool, without any of the limitations of the existing ones.


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Yes!! All spots should be unlocked and ALL of them OPEN to badges from the get-go. Why cant we fill the whole bloody path out of order, if it takes all the badges to finish one path before the flag unlocks?!?!

Anyways +1 to locking or unlocking ability of way points. The strategy of that ability used by each fellowship group will differ and will add a new layer of communication and skill to a fast becoming, monotonous ascent to the flag.....