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User Interface let me drink my potions one by one


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I know its working as intended, but why do we have to drink all our goblets at once?

Change the cauldron,
so that we can brew the first goblet and drink it immediately
After the first goblet we cant change the recipe anymore, but we can brew the second goblet and drink it by clicking the brew icon and so on

The improve effects windows becomes available after brrewing the first potions

I got 9 goblets but had to use them all at once


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In theory, I agree with you. I was surprised to see that I have to use all goblets but until I don't fully understand the mechanism of this feature, I can't say for sure if it's even possible.


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Goblet is not a thing that allow you to delay drinking a potion, but a thing, giving you a chance to trigger it's effect one more time.
You can treat it as a potion have a limited best before date, and goblets are that bad that you can't use one more than once and forced to take new one to drink more. but no matter of how many goblets you have, potion will be expired soon after brewing.
Just still not sure how you can get 10 effects (see announcement) if you can get only 5 goblets a week and forced to use them all...


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I agree. I got a critical effect, but still by the time I managed to log back in my potion effects expired. It would make more sense that we could space the potions out and would incentivese to get as many goblets as possible. Or make the effects last longer as now for me specially was worthless.

I understand that the idea is that you won't always get effects when you drink from the goblets, but it would still make more sense if I could use it at least once more than only on the spot when it is brewed.

Or make it store as vials in the summons or whatever. But I don't like how it is now. Feels like a tease.


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no, it's need a wast of time to try to get max chance on the desired effect (chance up and down depending on the ingredient inserted).
(and for what then? for a random effect -.- meh)



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After some not that big time you will have a pattern for all desired effects that would just slightly differ from week to week due to diamond-blocked ingredients.
And anyway, you can prepare it in advance and just mindlessly click x times before brewing when needed.

btw, the most annoying for me is not inability to delay the drinking, but the fact that I should drink it not later than on friday. With 12h on level 100 it forces me to finish my tournament 10 hours earlier than possible and than I'm used to. Which in turn forces me to use time boosters next week on spire to finish it before military buildings expire and shifting my tournament timeframe to less desired daytime.
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The message by message is very confusing IMO, if you need to use them up all anyway i prefer to see 1 screen where all Trophy's with the results are listed.


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My point is
If I have earned 5 or 9 Goblets by good tournament performance I want 5 or 9 potions

the cauldron is a very good motivation to get more tournament activity, if done right. If its use it all at once, the motivation effect is lost


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I also find that this doesn't feel good, I understand that if trying to brew a potion doesn't trigger, a new cup will be drawn automatically.
Once the desired potion has been brewed, you should be able to decide for yourself whether you want to brew this potion again or a different one or none at all.
In addition, whether you want to use the remaining chalices for other potions for the remaining days of the current week.
Here's a scenario if I want to enter the tournament with a damage bonus potion and a life bonus potion, how am I supposed to make the life bonus potion if I have to waste all my cups on the damage bonus?

I've also noticed that even if a potion is leveled very high, it doesn't mean that when you brew it you're getting the maximum value of the leveled potion.
Here is the famous INNO randomness again, leveling up is expensive, but the random generator decides what you get.
This is just annoying and justifies wasting the goblets.
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If we can have 2 tourney goblets in a week, why can’t we carry some goblets over to a subsequent week … drink 3 or 4 and the others carry over


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@Aerendil Thanks for your idea and the initiative to create a poll (only moderators should be able to do it though, but I don't mind for this thread and because of our situation). According to our rules, your idea will be added to our CM poll.
It's hard to say if the mechanic will be changed, since it's probably a design choice made with an intention, but I don't want to miss the chance to discuss it (because I absolutely agree with you all).