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User Interface less clicks on the barracks and camps


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(this obviously applies only to the web interface, the app is okay)

I routinely refill my queue with whatever units I don't have currently building.

This is horribly painful: one click to select the unit, a second click to actually put it in the queue. You might think, one double click is okay, but it also draws and erases the buttons, and that actually takes some actual time, since elvenar is one big chunk of webgl code that takes a toll on a lot of computers.

This is also inconsistent: it's about the only place in the game where you have to select something first before you build it. Everywhere else, you do a simple click.

(oh I checked, it also applies to the spell queue in the magic academy, where it's somewhat less inconvenient since you usually build lots of the same spell. But there as well, having all "create" buttons visible at one time would be great).

Is there any actual reason why we don't simply have 5 green "training" buttons visible at all time ?


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It would be great if they implented SPACE or INTRO for switching between single/all productions...

Bor de Wolf 1965

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What I normally do is I go to the 2nd tab to see what I have and start pressing the number keys for what I want.
This way I keep track of 2 things at the same time.
And switching to the 2nd and 3rd military building to draft more soldiers, I know what I need.

Sometimes, using the keyboard instead of your mouse is a lot faster


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Not 2nd tab, but time boosters window => you can spend the whole supplies stash without switching windows back and forth by interleaving clicks on boosters with key presses .


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Workaround for fading delays = use keyboard hotkeys instead of clicks (1-5).
all you guys are giving me are work-arounds for something that could be much better UI wise...
even if the keyboard shortcuts are somewhat better, it's still no excuse for the interface being lame.

And BTW, the keyboard shortcuts have the exact same issue: they are stateful, you need to depress the key once to select the unit you want to train, then a second time to actually train it.

With almost all the same slowdowns I was complaining about in the first place: depending on your GPU, moving the green "Train" button around is noticeably slow here.


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Key presses are not affected by delay, you press a key 6 times as quickly as you can => one fade => all 5 slots are queued with same troops. Or press 22-33-55-22-33 and have different units in queue. Of course it would be more convenient if you won't have to press a key twice to queue different troop, but at least there is no delay for keyboard now.