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Joy please!


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My Diary,
on the beautiful scenery of the elven forests fell visionshadow of the creators of this world. The Horde of Monsters surrounded our cities.
Orcish bands has occuping castles, pelleas and towns for long time with their slow and chaotic work.
We cannot fight on the borders, cannot escape! There are too too much evil around ...
Last time business do not go ... just kind of wandering wholesaler with accidents....
The world contains only fragments of a runes and diamond miners are tired from constant need dias for everythin around us.

It is Dark Age of Elvenar. We stopped a battles with creatures. Underway...
... now ... we have started a fight with crazy creators and their ideas which will be a better, here.
Should be? Would be? Will be?

Cities are empty around me. Citizens of villages and nations left and still leavin from this world of sadness, anger and frustration... but we must abide and persist. We have our people and cities here.... it is Dark Age my good neighborhood. And our creators doesnt help our struggle to survive....
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