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Join Elvenarian Alliance


We love Elvenar and we play when we can. There are no obligations except be nice and respectful with each other. We like to do tournaments, tower and fsa, without being fanatics. So if you like to be in an active team, be welcome. Play with us and enjoy!
If you go on a vacation, please let us know, so we don’t have to worry about you.
The fs is open. You can join immediately. See you inside!
Katinka and the team.
The FS was founded 21st August 2022


We are still looking for 14 active members. We are the active members that came out of Beta Elvenar and are a nice international group. Chat is in English. We are active, but real life always goes first. We are in no way fanatics. We are looking for a full fs, to reach 10 chests in tournaments, at least sometimes. As we are new perks need to grow, but with a good group this can go pretty fast. We hope to welcome you! :cool::)