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Increase of the cost of the scouting


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2 weeks ago to explore a province level 15 cost me 5.5 million golden coins, maintaining the same exploration costs me 5.7 million golden coins (that is the possible maximum with my hand hall level 17).
My question is thus let us have we a means to know when the cost of the scouting of a province is going to increase in a way that I can explore a maximum of province level 15 before it is not possible any more.


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It looks like scouting costs increase every 3-4 provinces (after a certain point. In the beginning they change more often)

It looks like the cost are also dependend of the pattern you scout: circle,star, line, etc... (In another forum someone posted his 233th province in ring 13 was at 5400k coins(with more circular scouting) and for me the 233th province in ring 13 would only have costed 4700k.(with more "star" like scouting))

For me the scouting costs developed like this (maybe it's helpfull for you)


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Thank you lordB for these invaluable informations.
I am at present in the province 222 and I have the same costs of scouting.
He is thus going to need that I calculate at the end of how many gained provinces provinces level 14 will be me inaccessible to make them before.

I hope that the tech tree will be rave before I is to arrive at the end of the explorable provinces.


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I too have noticed that every time I scout a province the costs of scouting go up in every province. For example this morning I chose to scout a magic dust relic province.
I took two screen shots. The first shows the magic dust province and the one I plan to scout next. Both should cost me 990K.
The second one, taken this afternoon shows that the other province will now cost me 1000K.
I presume that when I have scouted that province all the other provinces that are currently at 1000k will go up in price too.
Unfortunately I cannot put the pictures up as they need a url and I don't have one.


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We're also using mostly LordB's dataset to chase Scouting Costs over in the US forum at https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/brainstorming-about-tournaments.1728/. So far we've squeezed the following juice out of the lemon.
  • Each? Advanced Scouting Tech reduces your scouting costs by 25%.
  • Within each ring the scouting cost increases are linear.
  • If you jump from Ring to Ring, the scouting cost for the NEXT sector varies with the SIXTH power of the ring distance, which is brutal.
We haven't gotten there yet, we're still chasing the average incremental costs within each ring, but it's likely that the overall costs will simply be an accumulation of the Average Cost per sector within each ring times the number of relic sectors in each ring.